Monday, 8 August 2005

Sir Alex Ferguson gets grumpy

I watched the press conference given by Fergie today and, it has to be said, he may be one of the greatest football managers in the world, but he sure doesn't have much of a way with the press.

Seldom have the media bods been treated so contemptuously and, well, rudely frankly! Sir Alex certainly has never bothered to learn the fine art of media management. Now, I'm not saying that the media are the good guys here, most of them do seem to resent us Reds on some level for sure, but to personalize it the way Fergie does just isn't right.

You'd think a man of his achievements, all the way from the tenement back streets of Glasgow to Buckingham Palace, would have learned a little sense of ease with the important, if occasionally inconvenient, job of briefing the world's media on the latest developments at the world's greatest football club. Sir Ferguson may be the man at the Theatre of Dreams but he definitely falls short in the black arts of the Dream Theatre that is the media.

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